A foundation for Clojure projects

Developers should focus on their application, not their tooling

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Quick Start

myproject$ bin/app juxt/myapp
juxt.myapp$ ../bin/rebel -A:dev
[Edge] Starting development environment, please wait…
[Rebel readline] Type :repl/help for online help info
[Edge] Loading Clojure code, please wait...
[Edge] Now enter (go) to start the dev system
dev=> (go) 
[Edge] Website listening on: http://localhost:3900
[Edge] Now make code changes, then enter (reset) here

Start a new application pre-loaded with Edge's advanced developer environment in under a minute. Ship it to production a minute later with the pre-prepared production tools for AWS.

Don't get stuck on an old version, update at any time. But the Edge code isn't hidden away, it's right there in your project to be modified. Unlike a traditional framework, Edge flexes to your needs.

Edge scales with you. Start small, knowing that you can grow as you need. Edge has been used for educational, hobbyist and enterprise projects.