Upcoming talks at Skills Matter
Next Monday at CodeNode

CodeNode is a wonderful facility in London set up by our friends over at Skills Matter, and opened its doors for the first time just last August.

For years, Skills Matter have been great supporters of our vibrant Clojure community in London, with their annual Clojure Exchange conference in December being one of the highlights of the year. (Oh, by the way, talk submissions are open for this year's Clojure Exchange, so it's a great time to submit a proposal).

But if you can't wait for the conference, there's a talk every month held at Skills Matter in association with the London Clojurians. As it turns out, next Monday (12th October, 2015), 3 JUXTers are presenting talks about some of the lessons we've learned while deploying Clojure on projects.

Frankie will kick things off explaining the 'new wave' of Pedestal, how Cognitect's Pedestal server framework has been getting better and better over many years, and why now might be the time to select it for your server-side Clojure project. Frankie has been working heavily with Pedestal on a number of projects and is the author of pedestal-swagger.

Next up, Oliy will dive in to explain how to use Pedestal Swagger and other patterns in a fun example that's actually in production as a mission-critical service, providing memes to our JUXT Slack!

Finally, David will wrap up with some tips and tricks discovered in employing Liberator to serve the web content on a high-performance website delivered by JUXT: onthemarket.com.

We'll wrap up afterwards with some Clojure discussions and beer. All welcome, especially if you haven't attended a Clojure event before - it will be great to meet you.

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