Announcing our Clojure In series
Surveying Real Clojure Projects

At JUXT we want to understand how Clojure is being adopted across our industry. As a Clojure consultancy we get asked recurring questions from those curious about Clojure and this has prompted us to create a resource that people can use; a set of reference case-studies addressing common concerns and highlighting how companies have gone about building Clojure-based systems.

Throughout the series we will focus on areas such as hiring, training, and where the 'sweet spot' might be for the language. We will ask companies about current state of Clojure adoption in their regional area, and we will ask them about what they think of recent developments in Clojure itself.

We have spoken to a range of different companies and it's been a genuine pleasure to see where Clojure has made a difference, to talk with people with a stake in the game that have taken a risk on a relatively new technology in order to seek a competitive edge.

It is our hope that this collection of reference case-studies will contribute to companies making an informed choice on adopting Clojure. We will be releasing case-studies over the coming weeks.

We start with a focus on Aviso in Ireland and uSwitch in London, UK. Be sure to stay tuned for more.

Visit our Clojure In page.

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